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Off-Plan Info

We guarantee impeccable newly built, off-plan villa's in the Costa Blanca region with at least 10.000 m²of land

(Inland villas) so you can relax and enjoy the mountain views and the beautiful outdoors. We can also build your dream home in coastal areas too, we have various sized plots of land close to beaches and beautiful towns.

My Costa Blanca Villa, works closely together with you to ensure your complete requirements are met from start to finish. Our construction company has unrivalled expertise and many years of experience in building quality homes in Spain. We have expert knowledge of the Spanish legal requirements for land and building. We can provide experts who can deal with the legal services to give you a greater peace of mind.

You can choose your plot of land in the location of your choice, either inland or coastal.

If you already own land that you can legally build on, then we can design and build your choice of villa for you.

Choose your villa style and layout design, choose your interior fittings, flooring and wall tiles.

We will then build your choice of villa to your exact requirements and specifications.
We offer a wide range of villa designs and styles at very competitive prices.
Various finishing options inside and out, including landscaping if required. 
Your villa is built to the current building standards and we provide a very high quality finish.

What's Included in the price?

  • Fence around part of the land

  • Construction of your villa

  • Architect services

  • Domestic services connected: Electric and Water

  • Electric gates

  • Topographical land survey

  • Soil analysis

  • Fitted kitchen

  • Fitted bathroom/s

  • Sanitation

  • Solar powered water heater

  • Hot water boiler

  • Terrace around the villa

  • 10 year building guarantee


Ytong Aerated Concrete Blocks

Ytong aerated concrete offers a versatile range of flexible building materials with which you can quickly achieve a good result. The blocks, separation panels, roof plates and lintels are labour-friendly and can be processed quickly. There is a solution for every construction challenge; the possibilities are unprecedented. Aerated concrete is a natural material, consisting of sand, lime and water. The production requires relatively little energy, no harmful substances are released and the material is fully recyclable. Building with aerated concrete therefore means building with a durable material. Ytong has unique features:

  • optimal fire protection

  • low capillary action

  • excellent sound insulation

  • good thermal insulation

  • heat accumulation, which means that cellular concrete is able to store heat for later release

  • comfortable conditions in every season​

In relation to the processing of the material, cellular concrete has a number of advantages.

  • light weight

  • immune to temperature influences

  • insensitive to moisture

  • frost resistant

  • not soaping

Ytong products are used in new construction, renovation and repair work, both in residential and non-residential construction. Ytong blocks are used non-bearing and load bearing. They therefore have a versatile application range.

Ytong Website Link

Traditional construction methods

A property built with a traditional cavity wall has the longest construction time.
EPC has a lower value and it has a fairly long drying time.

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All details, photos, videos and prices are shown for your guidance only and do not form the basis of any potential contract. Unless stated otherwise, prices exclude IVA/VAT, service connection charges, registration and legal fees. Properties are sold unfurnished unless stated otherwise.